Ductless Heating & Cooling

How Ductless Works

What are Mini-Split Systems?

Mini-split systems are made up of an outdoor condensing unit that uses two refrigerant lines to connect as many as eight indoor units providing customizable comfort control in a single zone or your entire home.

Ideal for Heating and Cooling your Spaces

Ductless Systems are perfect for cooling your new space additions such as a sun rooms, bonus rooms, and even garages. Ductless systems are energy efficient and ideal for areas where ducting may not be a viable option.

Upgrade your Furnace and Central Air Unit

Mitsubishi's all-electric indoor air handles can replace your older, inefficient furnace or central air unit while using your existing ductwork.

Customizable Indoor Comfort

Wall Units

Choose from a wide range of styles and sizes; wall units provide solutions for most heating and cooling needs all while being quiet, smart, and efficient.

Floor Units

The Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ floor mounted indoor unit mounts low on the wall and can be partially recessed in the wall.

Recessed Ceiling Cassette Unit

Ceiling cassettes mount flush to the ceiling and provide a clean flush-mount appearance. These units fit into shallow ceiling cavities making this solution perfect for room upgrades or new construction projects.

Four-Way Ceiling Cassette Unit

The four-way ceiling cassette unit provides customizable airflow to suit a room's comfort requirements perfectly. Optionally, Mitsubishi's 3D i-see Sensor© can be added to provide room scanning capabilities in order to detect occupants, measure room temperature and adjust airflow settings towards or away from occupants to provide adequate room comfort.

Air Handlers

Replace your older, inefficient furnace or central air unit with Mitsubishi's air handlers while keeping your existing ductwork. They take up less space and allow you to manage smaller comfort zones with compact duct runs.

What is a Single Zone Solution?

What is a Multi-Zone Solution?

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